above above prep. 1. at or to a higher place or position than sth / sb • 在(或向)…上面:
»The water came above our knees.
»We were flying above the clouds.
»the people in the apartment above mine
»A captain in the navy ranks above a captain in the army.
海军的 captain (上校)军衔比陆军的 captain (上尉)高。
»They finished the year one places above their local rivals.
2. more than sth; greater in number, level or age than sb / sth • (数目、数量、水平、年龄)超过,多于,大于:
»Inflation is above 6%.
通货膨胀超过 6%。
»Temperatures have been above average.
»We cannot accept children above the age of 10.
我们不能接受 10 岁以上的儿童。
3. of greater importance or of higher quality than sb / sth • (重要性、质量)超过,胜过:
»I rate her above most other players of her age.
4. too good or too honest to do sth • (因善良或诚实正直而)不至于,不屑于(做某事):
»Sheˈs not above lying when it suits her.
»Heˈs above suspicion (= he is completely trusted).
5. (of a sound 声音) louder or clearer than another sound • (音量或清晰度)超过(另一种声音):
»I couldnˈt hear her above the noise of the traffic.
【IDIOMS】 above ˈall • most important of all; especially • 最重要的是;尤其是:
»Above all, keep in touch.
aˈbove yourself •(disapproving) having too high an opinion of yourself • 自高自大;妄自尊大 --› more at over prep. adv. 1. at or to a higher place • 在(或向)上面;在(或向)较高处:
»Put it on the shelf above.
»Seen from above the cars looked tiny.
»They were acting on instructions from above (= from sb in a higher position of authority).
2. greater in number, level or age • (数目、数量、水平、年龄)超过,更多,更大:
»increases of 5% and above
增加 5% 或以上
»A score of 70 or above will get you an ˈAˈ.
* 70 分或以上就可以得"优"。
»children aged 12 and above
* 12 岁或以上的孩子
3. earlier in sth written or printed • 上文;前文:
»As was stated above...
»See above, page 97.
见前文,第 97 页。
adj. [only before noun] • mentioned or printed previously in a letter, book, etc. • 前文述及的;上述的:
»Please write to us at the above address.
the above noun [sing. + sing. / pl. v.] :
»Please notify us if the above is not correct.
»All the above (= people mentioned above) have passed the exam.
* * *
adj. 上面的, 上述的, 上文的
adv. 在上面
在...上方, 過於, 超出

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